15 April 2006


Having spent yesterday doing a Dartford Warbler survey, twitching Bonaparte's Gull, eating eggs and chips and seeing 'The Mighty Boosh' (see www.themightyboosh.com if necessary), today was a return to business. Goldcliff Pools pulled out all the stops on the mammal front, in the form of a porpoise just offshore, but was a little backward at coming forward on the bird side of things, just a single flyover Yellow Wag added to the 2006 tally.

Uskmouth proved less of a tease, producing Grasshopper Warbler, Whitethroat, Whimbrel and Ruddy Duck. Had I managed to see the singing Reed and Sedge warblers it could have been even better. Even so, not a bad haul, the Gropper being an especially nice find as it was a non-singing, grubbing-about-in-ruderal-vegetation individual as opposed to a bleedin' obvious reeler. I have now reached 126 species, another four species before going back to work and I'll be a happy little birdspotter.

PS. The wee purple dudes are still at Goldcliff and here are two action-packed pics to prove it...

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