05 May 2007

Crappy Saturday

The day didn't start well, on the way to Craven Cottage got the news that both Purple Heron and Dotterel had turned up in Gwent; it didn't get any better. The best sightings were Ring-necked Parakeet in Bishop's Park, John Terry in his black Ferrari on Putney Bridge and Gary Barlow (whooooo?!) sat in the cottage at the cottage (if you know what I mean). The worst dip was missing dishy Des, also at the cottage.

Unfortunately, though rather predictably, Liverpool put out the reserves and played like it. God should have had two, but didn't, and Alonso had left his magic boots at home. Fulham just about scrambled a win though it didn't half help their cause that Bellamy, Gonzalez and Pennant took 'flattering to deceive' to a new level. If nothing else, it was great to see God in what may well be his last season in red (there really is/was only one Robbie Fowler). I might just point out that, if we win in Athens all the above is a load of inconsequential tripe.

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