10 June 2007

Oh Crap

It's all very well being good, not throwing sickies and waiting to twitch at the weekend, but it don't half bite you in the arse sometimes. Of course no day's birding is a complete waste of time, highlights included:

1. an "I'm horny" sticker on the back of a car being driven by a women who is currently being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority;
2. a lorry on its side in a field;
3. a good view of the tight-fisted w**kers birding club (standing outside Caerlaverock, £4.40 apparently being too much for their moth-filled wallets);
4. 670 more miles for my "miles I have travelled" total; and
5. the most distant view of an Osprey EVER (in the heat haze it appeared to be doing an impression of Scooby-doo, see pic below).

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