17 February 2008

The curse of Llareggub

It took its time, but it appears Caspian Gull has finally flopped into the Gwent avifauna. Efficiently found and photographed on Friday (see here for pics and info), it was dipped (with equal efficiency) by yours truly on both Saturday and Sunday.

As if to prove the fact my luck was out, just as I was about to get an excellent shot of a sun-kissed rock on the far side of the reservoir, somebody hoisted up the south end and tipped all the water out. Bugger!

PS. Now that GOS appear to have rebelled against the use of BOU names, does this mean they will have a vote at the next AGM on what to call Caspian Gull? I think I'll propose 'Wych-of-my-broomstick-hazel Gull' any seconder?

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