26 March 2008

Did they sterilise the nails?

Last weekend I spent most of my time dodging the wind, rain, chocolate eggs, hoi polloi and images of a bearded, nappy wearing bloke nailed to a cross,... and my prize? The songs of 27 Cetti's Warblers in the bag; or rather, the songs of 27 Cetti's Warblers eased into a microphone, squeezed down a wire, popped into a recorder and dumped onto a 8GB flash card before being jettisoned via a card reader, shoe-horned onto a hard drive, sloshed through some software and pished out the far end in the form of a spectrogram. And one of them (my favourite so far) looked a bit like this...

Please note the bands of noise between 0 and 1.5 kHz, a mellifluous combination of wind and the goings on at the Uskmouth Power Station, music to anyone's ears I'm sure you'll agree.

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