05 May 2008

And again

The alarm went off at 04:10 today, out of the house by 04:35; this weekend has become some sort of birding stamina test. A morning at Uskmouth produced another mixed singing Willow Warbler [this one singing an awful lot of tsilp/tsalp notes, probably slightly higher pitched than most Chiffchaffs, at various points in relation to normal phrases (unlike the bird a few days ago which sang less of them and always as an introduction to normal phrases)] and a Red Kite (patch-tick!).

Arrived back home about lunchtime and proceeded to eat, snooze, wake-up, snooze, drink coffee, listen to footy, drink more coffee... When suddenly,... the peaceful idyll was shattered with the news that a Black-winged Stilt was pottering around at Goldcliff! Three phone-calls and five minutes later, it's off to the pools. By the time we had arrived the stilt had snuck off unseen to a place unknown, 15 minutes of much scannage ensued. Eventually the bird appeared on the back lagoon and proceeded to show well, if distantly, for the assembled masses (all 10 of us), despite one or two of the Avocets being less than welcoming.

Two patch-ticks in a day,... nice.

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