28 July 2009

An 'owler

I'm just sticking this picture here to: a. alleviate weather inflicted ornithological boredom; and b. to illustrate a posting I'm just about to stick/have stuck (depending on your time of arrival) on 'the forum that shall not be named'. I could describe the discussion being had over there, but I neither possess the necessary vocabulary or mental fortitude to express the ineffable combination of 'identification dilemma' and dubious ticking morals seen here. I also lack the literary talent to describe the symptoms I experience on each masochistic foray into the threads of hell,... let's just say each time I venture into TurdForum* I die a little inside.

Actually, if I did attempt to describe my involuntary response to 'the other place' I would probably be sued for plagiarism by the estate of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. Suffice to say that a momentary period of denial is rapidly followed by earsplitting raving tourette's-esque obloquy, a great billowing tsunami of gloom and then,... the blessed release of acceptance. Luckily, all this takes about 30 seconds and I can get on with writing blog posts dripping in barely concealed though utterly baffling vitriol.

Pallid Scops Owl, Birecik 2009. Yes, despite what some have suggested, they were present this year (as were a family of Long-eared Owls); and, no, you are not the only one reading this thinking "Long-eared Owl/Pallid Scops ID conundrum?! I didn't see that coming"

*heartfelt thanks to the CBC blog for the use of terminology clearly stolen from their comments section.

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