23 November 2009

Birds report

Der-dum, der-dum, der-dum, der-dum, der-diddly-dum-der-dum

Good evening and welcome to Birds Report live from Abercwimcum, the headlines: Pom Skua takes over at the top with a confident display in today's early kick-off; Jack Snipe come from 1 - 0 down to triumph 2 - 1 away to Water Pipit; and, after a strong showing at the weekend, Little Gull are beaten by fellow strugglers Kittiwake. Coming up, we'll hear from Tel O'Scope on a good day in trying conditions but first a full check on the classified birding results with James Ferguson Lees Alexander Gordon:

Pomarine Skua 1 - Great Skua 0
Kittiwake 1 - Little Gull 0
Water Pipit 1 - Jack Snipe 2

And finally...
Wigeon x Mallard hybrid against Leach's Petrel match postponed.

[What does any of that mean?! I'll tell you what it means,... they put too much sugar in Tesco's doughnuts, that's what it means!]

PS. Naturally, none of the species mentioned above were seen within the borders of the county from which this blog gets the first of its three titular syllables.

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