05 December 2009

Melt-in-the-mouth meat

Still present, still feeding on fetid lamb and still looking surprisingly good for it.

Hey good lookin', what's your secret?

Well, I eat a healthy breakfast of grey sheep flesh, followed by a light lunch of grey sheep flesh and round the day off with a grey sheep flesh supper,... it's nutritious, low in calories and tastes great. Gives me gosh awful wind mind, I'm having to sleep with my nose upwind of my arse and, at the office, I've been banned from using the lift.

PS. Forgot to mention, also had Redpoll and low-flying Helmeted Guineafowl at beautiful Beachley.


Sam B said...

Nothing to do with the Skua, but a year or two ago you were looking for a flock of Crossbills to point your parabolic microphone at. There have been 80+ just above my place in Brechfa Forest, Carms (see Carmarthenshirebirds.org.uk for a GridRef) for the last 3 weeks and their calls range from chip & chup to a deep choop (continuing of & on for 5 minutes or so, but coming from what looked to be bog-standard Common Crossbill). If you're heading to west Wales for some reason then it's only 20 minutes from Carmarthen. Probably very dull, but this is December. Cheers, Sam

Darryl said...

Thanks Sam, will try and remember to drop in on Brechfa if I'm westward bound.