19 January 2010

Refuse to ponder

Shopping trolley recently salvaged from a ditch. A bit of a 'design classic' bordering on cliche really. Do you suppose the yobbos who pilfer, ride, dump these things, are doing it as a conscious act of homage to oiks of yesteryear (a sort of ironic tip of the hat to light-fingered ne'er-do-wells of the 1960s/70s)? Or is this sort of thing so ingrained in the 'bored youth' that it represents little more than unconsciously arrived at pastiche?

The life of the fly-tipping critic is a meandrous path strewn with ambiguity, ambivalence and coke cans.

PS. On the bird front, Ruddy Duck on the 'square pool' at Avonmouth and a Kingfisher at Hoar Gout were the best of a quiet day out and about.

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Cardiff Clive said...

Its art don't you know?There has been a fine example on display at Grassholm the last 5 or 6 years.