13 June 2010

Sun, siff-saff and sylvia

Had a very enjoyable pootle around Gwent's long-staying avian stars with one of the brighter celestial bodies in the ornithological firmament this morning [Note to self: must test more embarrassingly extended metaphors to breaking point in the future].

Despite a midge onslaught, the Iberian Chiffchaff performed superbly, and in splendid isolation, at Cadira Beeches whilst the Marmora's was equally forthcoming but being trailed by a sizeable, semi-camouflaged cadre of the rustling, stomping, clicking and braying masses. Managed a reasonable recording, albeit including a bit more 'twitch ambience' than hoped for (see here [keen-eared locals might be able to identify the dulcet tones of two Gwent regulars roughly halfway through]); will return midweek for a more exclusive session, sound recording is not a particularly social activity but, being an anti-social bastard at the best of times, I guess I can just about live with it.

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