09 October 2011

Ibis 1-0 Icky

This sight was last seen in Gwent airspace almost exactly 109 years ago (11th October 1902 to 9th October 2011).

Saw the, slightly skittish, Glossy Ibis on the 'farm pond' adjacent to Goldcliff Lagoons. After half an hour it flew SW, seemingly back towards the pools, but we didn't relocate it until checking the Saltmarsh Grasslands near Boat Lane a good hour and a half later. It then headed NW towards Nash and I headed down Saltmarsh Lane in search of passerine excitement. Didn't get far mind. News of a 'hippo' at Peterstone Gout had me scurrying westward. Despite a prolonged, weather hindered, look see, there was no chunky warbler joy at the gout, at least, not beyond a handful of Blackcaps.

1 comment:

Weekend Birder said...

What a Crappy Looking Bird.Glad i Didnt See It!!! :)