04 July 2012

Just when you thought they were safe(ish) in the water

Due to some exciting things, like Peter Higgs' rather amazing boson, and some less exciting stuff like a bunch of shyster bankers (I said bankers) getting up to gawd knows what in the village of London, it may have escaped your attention that the 64th Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission is currently taking place in Panama City.

So far, the headlines include:
  1. South Korea is going to start whaling using the same 'scientific research' loophole as exploited by Japan; 
  2. Japan has requested a coastal whaling quota citing 'tradition'; 
  3. the proposed South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary failed to achieve the three quarters majority of votes required and has sunk without trace; and 
  4. during a time wasting exercise entitled 'Safety at Sea', the Russian Federation, Japan and Antigua compared the antics of the Sea Shepherd chaps to terrorism and the actions of a Mr. Bin Laden. 
Just the usual fuckwittery then.

Minke Whale, today the only large whale in the North Atlantic targeted by commercial whalers most of whom would refer to it as vågehval.

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