27 August 2012

Two things I forgot to mention

Thing 1: whilst at Goldcliff t'other day, I noticed one of the Ringed Plovers was colour-ringed/flagged, according to this wonderful resource, it would appear to come from the Giske wader ringing station, at the Makkevika bird reserve, Møre & Romsdal county, Norway. So, not so much a Ringed Plover as a Sandlo, and possibly a tundrae Sandlo at that.

Thing 2: also on Saturday, my mum and sister number one found a bleedin' Wryneck dibbling about on the patio/lawn of the holiday cottage they were staying in down in Dorset. I got to identify it over the phone, but still,... GRIPPED.

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Jaffa said...

Ouch, that must sting!