23 July 2013

Pushing the envelope

My new 'Most-favouritist-shot-of-a-twitch-that-I've-taken-EVER!'

It took ages to find a close Narky Tern with its head at exactly the right angle but, if you squint, you can make out, reflected in this birds eye, a line of olive-clad, socially dubious funksters soaking up the Bridled Tern (you may have to click on the picture for the full-size version).  Unfortunately, the time and Herculean effort necessary to conceive and realise this artistic masterpiece meant I missed out when the Bridled performed its most adjacent flypast; stuck with a lens at its closest focusing distance, I totally missed the shot so efficiently bagged by TC (see yesterday's post). 

PS. Up until this point my 'Most-favouritist-shot-of-a-twitch-that-I've-taken-EVER!' was that seen here.

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