06 February 2015

Ickle Bunting

Arrived at the hide 20 minutes after it had 'done one' (largely due to the fact I got horribly lost in the uncharted wilds of Forest Farm).  Waited two hours,... and then a bit,... and then out it popped into the unforgiving midday sun.
When not sheltering in the hazel hurdles-cum-hedge, the wee fella fed directly in front of the olive-clad throng.  Nice find Messers Powell and Gilmore. 

NB.  I should just take this opportunity to bring the readers attention to the borderline subliminal near prediction of this species in last week's post.  Just one county out.  Bugger.  

1 comment:

Mike Powell said...

Thank you sir. Today it was apparently nearly taken by a Sprawk but returned so close I could not focus on it. Tried to string it into a Chestnut-eared Bunting for a short while.....but Little is very nice all the same. And to think I twitched my only other Welsh one on Anglesey!