25 March 2016

A late post on the fun we had last weekend

Popped in on the Gloucestcestcestcestershire Penduline Tits, then went on to take in the mixed Whitefront flock and feed the ducks at Slimbridge.  The pendies showed well, as did the geese but, as usual, the Slimbridge seed junkies stole the show.

Gorgeous but, unfortunately, this was not part of the mixed Whitefront flock referred to above.  Have seen a proper one at Slimbridge though,... in 1995, just before the combination of tragic population decline and farcical reintroduction gubbins (including the release of birds "contaminated" with Whitefront genes!?) turned the species into a mythical/untickable enigma.  

Leucistic Pintail, just one of the many gems you can bump into whilst wandering the highways and byways of restricted gene pool land. 

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