15 April 2016

The incoming trickle

Did the high tide at Goldcliff.  Nothing outrageous but the Glossy Ibis reappeared, heard a Yellow Wag, had at least five (probably seven) White Wag, a Lesser Whitethroat was rattling away behind the second (formerly third) viewing platform and three Wheatear graced the bund/sea-wall.  Amongst the waders, nine Knot plus single Spotted Redshank and Greenshank were about the best.  A quick scan of the grasslands near Boat Lane produced 200+ Sand Martin plus a few Swallow.

Second calendar year Robin, note moult contrast in greater, median and lesser/marginal coverts.  Whaddaya mean you don't age your Robins?!  Slackers!

1 comment:

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Aging robins. Crazy skills!

Saw my first sand martins today!