01 June 2008

Day-flyers and high-flyers

It would appear the birding round these parts is slowing down for the summer, time to quit the country. For those of you not shooting off to chase birds elsewhere, you can always turn to moths in your desperation; you don't even need to bother with the anti-social hours of trapping at night, here are a couple of common day-flyers to keep an eye open for in the dog days of June and July.

Mother Shipton and Burnet Companion can be found in more-or-less any open grassy habitat. The Mother Shipton is named after the reputedly ugly, though largely mythical, prophetess of the same name, because a witch-like profile can be seen in the pattern on the forewing.

Personally, I'm off to chase empids, etc., for a few weeks,... bugs, nothing but bird fodder.

PS. Something to warm the cockles from the BBC online football gossip page "Liverpool are officially the best team in Europe. The Anfield club top the official Uefa rankings that are based on European performances over the last five years. AC Milan are a point behind in second, Chelsea make into third while European champions Manchester United only make it to seventh". Too bloody right.

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