05 June 2008

Here we are and here we go

In total had about 24 hours in the Point Reyes area. The place is rather good, and huge, and (today anyway) flipping windy. Birding in the wind always knackers me out; one day in and I'm mentally and physically wrecked. I have spent most of today staring into wind tossed vegetation attempting to discern movement against the flow of leaves, debris, etc. As a result of the conditions I have missed one or two species I thought I'd bag, but I should get a few more bites at most of these cherries. Have managed to get a few goodies, two new hummingbirds, four new flycatchers, two new towhees, blah, blah, blah; have also had three pinniped ticks, outrageous!

Anyhoo, a few pics for those who don't like words,...

PS. Kathy Burke is working in a roadside restaurant in Vacaville, I know, I was served by her this evening.

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