15 July 2008

Spend it

There is nothing more fun than exchanging cash for books. Despite the nice little vignette of our monarch (gawd bless 'er), money pales into insignificance alongside a good read. Even more exciting is to have them delivered, in this house it often goes like this,...

"A parcel? For me?" [cue girly squeals of delight, a blur of scissors and a trail of cardboard, bubble wrap, etc. between front door and study].

Actually, that might be the slightest of slight exaggerations but you get my drift. Today it was pretty close to the mark as five (oh yes, count 'em) books appeared in two parcels from the lovely people at NHBS and CUP. Just so you can partake of the fun here is a pic.

I'm halfway through 'Frontiers of Birding' and the hybrids book is really reference only, so that leaves three for the weekend, let's hope there's not much about.

PS. Bubble wrap, will its appeal ever wane?


Weekend Birder said...

Where did you get your blinds from.

Darryl said...

Apologies Nathan, bought before I knew of your undoubted expertise; we do need some new ones though :-)

Weekend Birder said...

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