30 August 2008

Mockingbird at Uskmouth

Thanks to the guys working on the pylons, today's birding was accompanied by Eminem/Marshall Mathers. Tree Pipits and Yellow Wags trickled westwards to the tune of 'My name is'; a small mixed hirundine flock appeared as 'Sing for the moment' took to the air; and the odd sylvia 'tacked' along to 'Like toy soldiers'. The highlight, however, was 'Mockingbird'; unfortunately, it only heralded the appearance of a Redstart.

If I may put in a request, should you ever feel the need to inflict planet Gwent with your music, please have the good sense to play an original album as opposed to a record label cashing-in compilation; and, if it absolutely positively has to be Eminem, try The Slim Shady LP, at least it possesses momentary flashes of wit (and lacks any intervention by Dido).

This is the face a Reed Warbler makes when pondering the possibility that Marshall Mathers is second only to Elvis in the Top 10 of opportunist white boys who have successfully plundered black music traditions.


Anonymous said...

Prefer Mockingbird by BJH

Darryl said...

The next person to leave a comment referring to anything even slightly prog rock oriented will be asked to leave by the back door.
PS. I think the track was entitled 'Mocking Bird' (sic), perhaps one of Lees et al. was a naff birder/robin tickler as they also penned tunes named 'Little Lapwing' and 'Brother Thrush'.

Anonymous said...

Thought that would get you going!!
It's 'Mockingbird' on my album. Anyway, I thought that it would have been a little bit before your time?

Darryl said...

Way before my time, thank Christ (and all his little evil pixies). Did you know, in 1974, there was a 'pop' audible throughout the northern hemisphere caused by Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis and King Crimson simultaneously disappearing up their own arses! I was born precisely one week later (didn't want to miss out on punk).

PS. I double-checked, Mocking Bird or Mockingbird varies depending on the album.
PPS. Your admission to owning a BJH album is admirable for its honesty, best stick to the anonymity though.