23 August 2008

Three points

What an exciting Saturday! Off I trotted, northward, Anfield bound, Sonic Youth's 'Daydream Nation' twangling away in the background. Everything went pretty smoothly until the queues approaching Walsall and the point at which the M5 and M6 join in unholy matrimony. So there I am, creeping along at 5 mph and the phone goes, excellent something to while away a few minutes, conversation regarding Semi-p Plover ensues. Hold on, what's that car with blue lights doing behind me,... oh arse! Ten minutes later (during which I singularly failed to say "banged to rights" or "it's a fair cop") I had gained three points and lost £60, a fair swap in anyone's book.

Anyhoo,... met the chaps and proceeded to enjoy crawling along the M6. Slowly Liverpool loomed, then Anfield Road, then a whole loada signs saying "resident parking only"; we ended up parking closer to bluenose-central than Anfield, nice little walk through Stanley Park mind.

Hello Shanks, hello Scion Kop, hello first half; goodbye first half and good riddance. We were poor, flipping poor, apart from Carragher everyone else was well below par (Gerrard and Torres included). The second half actually got worse before it got better, but oh how it got better. Having allowed lardy Mido to score unchallenged, Liverpool woke up and, five minutes before full-time, the mighty Carra picked the ball up just outside the box, looked up and nonchalantly tucked it away with a trick shot off Pogatetz's arse. With time fast running out Gerrard had a sighter from a free-kick before, four minutes into extra-time, slapping a loose ball from 20 yards into the top righthand corner. Cue relief-tinged rapture in the Kop.

The view just prior to Gerrards sighter

How to maintain your place at the top of the league, something that Liverpool and the Gruniad Allstars are both doing swimmingly just now.


Ian said...

I believe Pepe has now taken over the top position of the Blundersliga. I recieved a text exclaiming this at 02:30 this morning. Its only a game really...isnt it??

Darryl said...

02:30! Well past his bedtime. His lead will only be temporary, I have six players in today's matches. My decision to drop Defoe was a little poor mind (I thought he had a virus?).

Darryl said...

PS. Although just a game I think the ESU element have been putting a lot of thought into it :-)

Darryl said...

Shall I send Pepe a text at 02:30 tomorrow morning informing him he is second again :-)