13 September 2008

Any rare would do

A morning at Uskmouth was followed by brief stops at Saltmarsh and Goldcliff. A trickle of flyover migrants consisted of a few Skylark, Yellow Wag, Grey Wag, Tree Pipit and Siskin accompanied by a stream of hirundines (mostly Swallow and House Martin). On the deck Chiffs were dotted about all over the shop but the only 'quality' was a single Spotted Fly and a couple of Wheatear.

Got home and realised there was a decent number of Honey Buzzard filtering down the east coast; ever the optimist I 'sky-watched' for an hour but, apart from a Hobby (garden-tick) and an impressive number of hirundines, there was little to stop me from falling asleep,... so I did.

PS. Wrynecks still appear to be doing the decent thing and avoiding Gwent like the plague, clever little beasties.
PPS. For the really significant news of the day (and a hilarious facial expression courtesy of Robbie 'yet to convince' Keane) click here.

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