10 September 2008

Jinxed not jynxed

As Wrynecks continue to rain down on every other county in the UK, Gwent remains stubbornly at two with Scandinavian sub-rares. A brief, post-work, visit to the storm-tossed inland seas of Llareggub also failed to conjure up a Grey Phalarope. Actually, it failed to produce anything of real note.

The tumultuous scene at the hurricane-lashed reservoir (it's a pity I don't live in Alaska or I could have snuck in 'williwaw-whipped' at this point. Note to self: must move to Lipstick-pig Land to further my use of blog-based aeolian alliteration).

The slightly contrasting, limpid waters of Green Pool, so called because it is a pool and it is green, can you see what they did there?

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