03 October 2009

It's a field and it's flooded

Dawn at the flooded field, four birders (Flusher, Fiddler and two people lacking in noms de guerre) and a Pec Sand - nice start. Following the arrival of the rest of the Birders Don't Wear Plaid Club (Gwent chapter), and having been granted access, all six of us circumnavigated the golf course and effortlessly failed to find a large schreeping pipit. 'Migration in the raw' consisted of a Siskin and a few Skylark heading west plus a smattering of Chiffchaff and alba wags milling around and about. Then it was off to Redwick for the guaranteed passerine mega,... or possibly just a Garden Warbler, a Swallow, a Blackcap and a handful of Chiffchaff.

A Garden Warbler in a garden, I'd have preferred a Barred Warbler in a bar but you can't have everything can you?

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