24 November 2010

Education is preciousss

I've come to the conclusion that power does things to people,... not good things. He used to look like a charming educational puppet (see here), not any more.

[Addendum: I've had an email from Gollum's mother and thought it only fair to let her have her say,... "Dear Gwent Birding, I think the comparison of my son to Michael Gove is unfair, whilst I accept my little Sméagol may not, to use modern parlance, be a 'looker' and for some time his mental health was negatively impacted upon by the one ring to rule them all, I would like to point out that he: a. would never do terrible things to an education system; b. has never partaken of 'flipping' properties as part of an expenses claim procedure; and c. he most certainly does not have ginger hair."]

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