11 November 2010

Somehow I knew this wasn't it

Whilst the early hours of a 'blow' are rarely the most profitable, commitments tomorrow meant this morning was my only opportunity to peer out into the estuary, hum Lambchop songs and hope for a lost seabird to pass by.

It was a predictably low key couple of hours with only a rash of Common Scoters to maintain the interest: a pair battled their way down-channel, a male headed up-channel, four females did a circuit around the 'bay', another female did the same and, so as not to be left out, yet another female repeated the game. I guess the last couple of sightings could have involved a bird from the flock of four. Excepting the original pair, they were all very close in, mind you they had to be, for significant periods of time, anything beyond halfway out was lost in the murk. Naturally, I had left my camera at home,... naturally.

I would predict the 'biggest' bird on this system will appear tomorrow, and probably on the other side.

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