18 February 2011

One dove

Too tired to blog properly now but, in short (to be updated at some point in the near future): dove, yes; gull, no.

The less than inspiring view from the cosy kitchen at Number 41, thanks to the f**ktard who didn't know his camera's arse from its elbow and managed to fire his flash at the bird which went from feeding on the lawn during his £5 time slot to preening in the tree during mine.

The view achieved by peering between two neighbouring garages, standing atop a tripod, holding one's breath and assuming Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana.

[Addendum: There really isn't much to add except two Bramblings at Number 41, Ring-necked Parakeet over the M25 and 'The Fringe' at Rainham. As a wise man, although I'm not sure which, once said, "Brevity blah blah blah".]

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