04 February 2011

Shhhrrrrike one!

A couple of hours on the falling tide at Goldcliff Point produced very little, a single Fulmar being the highlight; then to the pools to double-check a seabird hadn't snuck past to seek respite on the lagoons,... nope. Next stop Wentwood Reservoir for a Mandarin mit Mallard flyby and variety in the form of Wigeon, Gadwall and Pochard. Saving the best till last, parked at Cadira Beeches and pottered westwards towards the reported shrike. On arrival at the clearfell the rain was coming across in horizontal waves and, surprise surprise, the shrike wasn't showing. Did a circuit, started back round, rain stopped, up popped the shrike and my abysmal record of bagging shrikes in the county was finally put to rest.

Excellent bird, crappy light,... and rain,... and wind.

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It's Time to Live said...

Had to look twice to make sure you had not just reversed the image :) Nice shots