26 March 2011

All's go

All manner of stuff coming and going in all manner of places today. First stop, Saltmarsh/Farmfield lanes, at the confluence of which were a singing Water Pipit and 10 Wheatear, at least, they were there, until the future heart attack/cancer statistics that we call fishermen, trolled down the lane, grunted their way across the fence and waddled out across the saltmarsh, flushing species for which the SPA is designated with every labouring, sweaty step. I assume the fisherfolk have immunity regarding the law and protected European sites(?).

Moving on, actually mostly over (mostly), were Sand Martin, a Swallow plus Redpoll, Mipit, etc., and in the hedgerows loads of Chiffchaff, a Willow Warbler and a tardy group of Fieldfare. Trumping everything though was the silvery vision of softly spoken loveliness that we call a Bar-headed Goose,... aaah.

Next on the itinerary was Boat Lane, which produced more Chiffchaff, another Willow Warbler and three Ruff (all males, one in white-headed breeding plumage). The Bar-headed Goose had also pottered over to replace our former escaped goosey inhabitant which now appears to have taken up residence on Severnside. [Come back Barney, all is forgiven].

Finally, I thought I'd try for LRP at the pools; failed, but did get more Sand Martin and Chiffchaff plus Spotted Redshank and Greenshank.

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