18 March 2011

The end of the world is 221,567 miles away

The "super moon" as viewed from Gwentsville, our original (and still the best) satellite is at the closest point to Earth since 1992. Apparently it will only produce a 0.3% difference in size and brightness, but, at least according to the usual whackjobs of interwebland, it is the root cause of earthquakes, tsunami and all manner of other natural disasters. It will cause the elderly to drive slowly on motorways and the young to be spotty and obnoxious, the blind won't see and the deaf will listen to Rihanna. Or should that be the young will listen to Rihanna, the elderly will drive blindly on motorways and a slow deaf bloke will come out in spots,... well whatever, with a bit of luck, we're all doomed.

At least the nocturnal migrants won't be getting lost tonight.

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