12 September 2011

Lovely little larid

Popped out for an afternoon's fieldwork only to be met by Katia coming the other way,... at some pace. Missed an Arctic Skua, which almost certainly went straight over my head, but did (re)find a Little Gull that looks the spitting image of the bird seen at New Passage yesterday.

Diabolical image of a bird that deserved much better. Must try harder.

[Addenda: 1. the above all took place in Glos not Gwent; and 2. warning, prolonged exposure to the gorgeous smaller larids (Little, Sabine's, Ross', etc.) has been shown to result in a chronic debilitating condition 'Gull Phwoar! Syndrome', if observers experience such symptoms as fatigue, headaches and boredom when looking at less good looking birds they should visit their GP as soon as birding allows.]

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