06 September 2011

[*silent scream*]

In a change to the run-of-the-mill, and to reflect the high tech gizmo infused world that is birding in the UK today, this post will not follow the standard template but consist of an annotated data printout from my newest app purchase 'OW-b Monitor v2.2'. You will probably have to click on the graph to see the text/details.

In relation to the above I have just a couple of queries:
  1. Why is the bird being referred to by RBA and TurdForum as 'Madeiran Petrel' surely that invites confusion with regard to Zino's Petrel; why not 'Madeiran Storm-petrel' or 'Band-rumped Petrel'; or even 'Madeiran Storm-petrel type' or 'Band-rumped Petrel type' (I'm assuming the observer[s] will not have ruled out the various species[?] within the group)?
  2. Why did the pagers in our car only go off at some point just prior to 16:00 when the first observation was at 14:30? I'm sure there is a perfectly understandable explanation, I just wanna hear it.
PS. If anyone finds a Spotted Sandpiper at Hayle in the next few days, so help me Jeebus, I will lay waste to all creation.

[Addendum: have heard second/third hand the reason why the initial sighting did not get disseminated into the birding ether; something along the lines of the identity realised/confirmed in light of second sighting,... all very plausible.]

[Addendum again: have now heard first hand that the above was/is a fair representation of the happenings at Pendeen.]

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