26 March 2013

Morocco part one: mountains

Everyone should have a mate who runs a natural history tour company, it is pure errant madness to do otherwise. It is all the better if said mate's company ensures that for every holiday, a guaranteed percentage of the price goes to help conservation efforts in the country you are touring. Not only did I get to put my feet up for ten days, as some other poor bugger drove around Morocco, but I also gained a nice warm feeling inside whilst watching the Northern Bald Ibis (more of which later) smug in the knowledge that the SEO/Birdlife conservation program gets a donation as a direct result of me ticking the fugly bugger. For more information click here.

First stop was Oukaimeden in the High Atlas (although it didn't feel that high, no wheezing or gasping [note to self: write to the Moroccan high commission, suggest renaming the High Atlas the Reasonably High Atlas]). Highlights included 4+ Levaillant's Woodpecker along the route, then 30+ 'African Crimson-winged Finch', a Brambling (a good one for the Moroccan list[?]) and our first taste of the local moped-mounted fossil vendors and obligatory tajine.

 Yay! Another page of the Collins Guide done and done,...

... and now, to sit back and await another craishy Dutch inspired armchair tick.

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