27 March 2013

Morocco part two (again): more deserts

My new most favouritist sandgrouse.

Use this cute fizzog on the posters for desert conservation and the entire Sahara would be a nature reserve within a week.

The ever-so-slightly more subdued lady Crowned Sandgrouse.

Bird of the trip for me, I've been wanting to see these since forever. Well, at least since reading Densley, M. (1990). Desert Sparrows in Morocco. British Birds 83: 195-201 if not before.

Love a good spuggie.

African Desert Warbler on Aristida pungens an awn grass which grows out of the dunes looking for all the world like Marram Grass.

Nice song on these too, high, lilting, instantly ear-grabbing.

Some pebbles and a thorny bush,... wait a minute.

Had five encounters with these little beauties, three by day, two by night.

Saw good numbers of Spotted Sandgrouse a two different locations.

Second calendar-year White-crowned Black Wheatear with camel tick(?) of which it seemed inordinately proud.


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