05 April 2013

I went outside, I was some time

Still flipping nippy in these parts, thought I'd pop out and see what intrepid migrants had made it to the patch,... not many, not many at all.

On the passerine front, a swirling mass of three Wheatear, half a dozen Chiffchaff and 30+ Mipit swept majestically across the levels in a literal wavelet of movement.  The waders did slightly better with four Grey Plover and 16 Knot joining the wintering Greenshank and Spotted Redshank in the Notes app. (plus 80 Black-tailed Godwit down Boat Lane).  The real highlight, however, was repeated passes by a female Hen Harrier doing it's best to get a special mention on this year's list of Lapwing botherers. A Raven showed her how it's really done though by making off with one of the few eggs laid to date.

The most abundant passerine migrant at Goldcliff today and there weren't exactly hordes of these.

PS. The semi-resident Bar-headed Goose may well be shacked up with a Canada Goose,... can't wait for those hybrids (yay!).
PPS. The LRP reported earlier in the morning had done a bunk before my arrival, presumably it had thought better of it and headed back south.

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