16 April 2013

The passing of a slice

For those for whom cake is an integral part of their lives, the last slice of a moist Vicky sponge, now dearly departed.

Now he belongs to the ages. He is not mine, he is the world's. He belongs not to our age, but to all ages. And yet, even though he belongs to all time and to all peoples, he is our own, for he was,... quintessentially,... cake.



Jaffa said...

Good to see you are dabbling in some cake eating activity! I always find it helps with the slightly chill weather we are still experiencing. Made by the Mrs fair hand I hope?

Darryl said...

Oh yes. All homemade, my only input being making 'the lickings' disappear (mmmm, raw cake mix, tastes better than the real thing).

On a good run of late: Apple & Cinnamon cake, gingerbread men, fruit cake, rock cakes, cherry buns and a couple of Vicky sponges (not mad on sponges but, once I have suppressed the gag reflex, I do my best to force them down).