13 May 2013

Luxury mixed dried fruit

As there just aren't enough awful photographs of locally scarce birds online,...

A spring Storm Petrel, doesn't happen every year. 

Red-breasted Mergansers, which also don't happen every year; seemingly two males, one undergoing a retarded first pre-breeding moult, the other following a more standard schedule. 

A Saturday evening of skuas and Kittiwakes and Arctic Tern and Fulmar and Storm Petrel, oh my! And a Sunday morning of very little at all saved by the reappearance of the two mergansers pretty much made up the weekend. And then it was home to a freshly baked fruit-cake. Oh yeeeeah!


Andy Brandt said...

Wouldn't that second merganser just be a female?

Darryl said...

Nope. Not that you can see from the photos but it had dark feathering coming through on the head, e.g. around the eye and at the base of the bill.