28 May 2013

Smash and shrike

It's what your lunch hours were made for: Gwent's 5th Woodchat Shrike.  I've been waiting since 2004 to get this grip-back on the county and patch lists.

A nominate race female, definitely not the Kenfig/Morfa Tip bird; seemed to show two generations of feathers in the wing, so probably a first-summer; conditions were 'orrible though, I wouldn't want to stick my neck out till seeing it in a less bedraggled state in something approaching daylight.

A pretty ickle bird cowering from the pissing rain and blustery westerly. The bird was feeding during most of my short visit, at one point catching a whopping great bumblebee. It dotted about between the pylon just west of the ramp at the end of Perry Lane, the wooden wings of the crashed-monster-dragonfly sculpture and nearby scrub.  Given the weather, it should hang around till tomorrow, the Met Office aren't exactly forecasting a leaper's moon tonight.

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