11 April 2009

Pretty kookie

Another day with one's nose at the Cetti's grindstone. Didn't last as long as planned mind, it is hard to get recordings of even the noisiest passerine when the grockometer is red-lining due to, amongst everything else, such bizarre happenings as: a. two middle-aged couples discussing the awarding of yellow cards for flatulence (I kid you not, I looked it up on my return, see here); and b. an entire family jogging/shuffling along the sea-wall (dad,... son,... mum [in hijab as opposed to a track suit!?],... daughter,... sulky daughter,... sulky son), I'm still not kidding by the way, no weblink though, you'll just have to trust me on this one.

Whilst pottering around, bumped into a vociferous male Redstart, 2 Whitethroats, at least 6 Reed Warblers and 2 Sedge Warblers. Other 'notables' included the return of the mixed singing Willow Warbler plus my first Green-veined Whites and Speckled Woods of the year (still haven't had a Brimstone as yet though).


dai said...

i too found the same issue after a walk from goldcliffe(aided by a lift in between),on arival at uskmouth resort (not countrypark)from warbler alley,my heart sank under the sheer numbers of people,by the time i got-to the hill overlooking the visitor center(community center)! i"d lost the will to live!! people even brought their own chairs to sit back and sunbathe!! w.t.f.! what next-a beach perhaps...early mornings or late afternoons only me thinks..

Darryl said...

I've seen plenty of blankets bedecked with picnics, rugby balls, scooters, bikes, playground paraphernalia and unfettered dogs but not deckchairs as yet. I've even seen a bloke looking for somewhere to release an unwanted aquatic pet (I know not what it was).

The environmental education of the Newport masses is obviously going swimmingly, hasn't extended to "this is a nature reserve not a country park" so far, but I'm sure it's going swimmingly.