26 April 2009

Uskmouth produces first for Gwent!

The patch flexed it's ornithological muscles this morning and produced a rather smart Subalpine Warbler. It proved to be something of a bar steward to see though, giving a snatch (yes, I said said snatch) or two of sub-song and a fleeting glimpse to those first on the scene, before disappearing for what felt like ages. It then gave a few brief views before going AWOL for another yonk (I don't think the rain helped). Finally, it popped up a good few yards in front of me (see photo, bordering on artist's impression, below), it then showed on and off for a while before getting bored of the growing number of birders, making a dash for the sea-wall, flitting about in the scrub and disappearing once again. As I'd been out and about for the best part of 10 hours, I decided a celebratory cuppa was required and headed homewards. The only other mentionables knocking about were 10+ Wheatear, 15+ Whimbrel, 2-3 Cuckoo, 10 Swift and my first Blue-tailed Damselflies for 2009.

Dad: Darryl, where did you hide the Subalpine Warbler?
Darryl: It's in the salix! I'm... I'm not helping much am I dad.

NB. Wow! This blog is really cooking now, oblique references to long-forgotten AA adverts, it doesn't get much better than this does it folks! What an exhilarating, thrill-a-minute, whirly-gigesque life I lead.

PS. Just in case anyone out there in interwebland is waiting for this blog to get better, you might want to prepare yourself for the long-haul.

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A superb advert, well done for wheeling it out.