29 April 2009

It seemed a shame not to

I couldn't help but notice one of these was present not more than two(ish) hours from my front door, it seemed churlish not to go and see it flitting about amongst the apple blossom.

Look mum, no rings! Not the slightest hint of 'the spirit of the wild' about it either. There was a colour-ringed Tufted Duck stood on the same island though, I shall endeavour to discover from whence it came.


Anonymous said...

Darryl, Pete Jenkins here (One of JMSLs Cs). The C/R Tuffty was probably from Radipole. See the link:


Darryl said...

Thanks for that, they were going to be my first port of call, I seem to remember seeing one of their Coot a while back.