16 May 2009

Interesting times

Do you know your ducklings? Click on the picture to see a slightly larger version, if stumped, do not despair, the answer is found herein...

A quick look in the fields around Goldcliff and Whitson produced no Whimbrel of either persuasion; and those seen later, off the point and pools, were stubbornly pale-arsed. The point did produce a reasonable smattering of seabirds though: 2 Arctic Skuas, 7+ Gannets, 10 Kittiwake and a Storm Petrel. The pair of Rock Pipits and a few Turnstone were also knocking around. Peering out from the pools post point produced a Fulmar and, bobbing about on the wind-whipped waters, a brood of Pochard and, even more inspiring of 'oohs' and 'aahs', a brood of Shoveler. However, possibly the most interesting bird, was a fly-through Swallow with wholly orangey-buff underparts (presumably showing the variation within rustica as opposed to the influence of transitiva genes).

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