31 May 2009

Slim pickings

A few hours over high tide at Goldcliff produced one Curlew Sandpiper, two Greenshank and six Black-tailed Godwit but, in general, very few waders at all. I couldn't be arsed to walk round to the sea-wall, so the Spoonbills may well still been present. What was definitely present was the first, rather disconcerting, evidence of dude-creep from the RaSPBerry cafe including one middle-aged, sandle-bedecked bloke who preferred standing on the seats and peering over the blinds as opposed to looking through the wee little windows. There are many words for people like him but I'll let you choose your own.

Calidrids over phragmites in the heat haze, the perfect recipe for a fuzzy photo.

PS. Painted Ladies still everywhere in abundance.

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