23 August 2009

A gloomy St. Brides

No "very small curlew/whimbrel" at St. Brides this evening, in fact, there were very few curlews of any description and those that were present appeared to move off to roost elsewhere. The only bird of any interest was a first-winter Med Gull with several hundred Black-heads at the mouth of the Ebbw.

For those of you at a loose end during the coming week, it might be worth checking any of the various wader roosts (Goldcliff Pools/Pill, the saltmarsh at Uskmouth, Peterstone, etc.) or any likely looking fields. But, if you do go looking, try taking a little digital camera with you; inexpensive, lightweight and a pretty much essential piece of kit for the lone birder, gone are the days of single-observer super-rares lacking in photo/audio/video support.

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