02 August 2009

Like the leaves [...] when Autumn hath blown

The acros are definitely on the march at Uskmouth, the nets were littered with the little blighters this morning resulting in a catch of just over 150,... not too bad a haul. Not a lot else though, a Yellow Wag knocked about early on and the usual horde of 'bearded wonders' were pinging around.

Unfortunately, we left half an hour before a Marsh Harrier was seen to flop our way,... arse.


CJ said...

Are you referring to the Marsh Harrier at Goldcliff at about 13:30hrs?


Darryl said...

Yeah, the message I got from Nathan was "flew across pools towards Uskmouth".

CJ said...

Hmm... actually lost it as it dropped over seawall onto pill.

Just seen that Birdguides is reporting a Marsh Harrier at Uskmouth this morning? Same bird? The bird at Goldcliff appeared to come into the 3rd pool from the east, almost as if it had been drifting along the coast. Also had a site tick today... Grass Snake swimming across lagoon 1 towards the island!!

Darryl said...

Hmmm, I wonder where that report came from, 20:31 seems a bit late to ring that in, perhaps they lifted it off some disreputable website?

PS. Two Grass Snakes at Uskmouth this morning, decent sized individuals too.

Lewi said...

Are you sure it wasn't a certain Buzzard sp.?

Darryl said...