04 May 2010

No title at all?

High tide at Goldcliff produced Merlin and Marsh Harrier and, as a result, very few waders; just one Spotted Redshank and three Knot went into the notebook. Luckily, Barney is still happily ensconced down Boat Lane, so not a totally wasted trip.

This evening a wander 'out back' produced singing Wood Warbler, Bullfinch (granted, not the greatest song in the world), Siskin and Lesser Redpoll plus non-singing Goshawk and Crossbill. Hoopoes were distinctly absent from proceedings, Mistle Thrushes weren't; strangely, this mirrors the situation when I last looked for Hoopoe around here. Lets hope there is a nice big picture of this morning's bird.

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