17 May 2010

Siberian Blue Robin

Another morning getting paid to be 'in the field' produced a very small (and diminishing before my very eyes) number of waders on the sunny side of the stream. Highlights included flushing a strange man from a bush and being drawn into a conversation about Swifts and House Martins by a strange man in a wide-brimmed hat. I did see my first Meadow Browns and Common Blues for the year but I was mostly day-dreaming about self-found Siberian Blue Robins and not counting absent waterbirds.

Popped in on the Iberian Chiffchaff post-work, still present, as was a Spotted Flycatcher and a handful of Crossbills.

Also returned the birdrace rental hearse this afternoon and suffered the traditional twinned moments of trepidation and disappointment as the chap in the cheap suit inspects the car, inevitably passes it as 'OK', and the thought traverses the mind that the £10 per day of damage waiver was money woefully spent. Ho-hum.


Anonymous said...

Hi Darryl, enjoying the blog!.There appears to be a bit of irony in the bbc's "can't identify a blue tit" piece, their "Sycamore" (after 10secs) looks like a Norway Maple to me :-)

Darryl said...

I looked at a Guardian piece on the same story, their 'sycamore' didn't look right either. Perhaps nobody can identify Sycamore, perhaps the human race has forgotten what 'sycamore' means :-)