01 May 2010

How many strawberries grow in the sea?

Another quick circuit of Magor Marsh, another dose of roughly the same birds. Sedge Warblers were all over the shop, a minimum of three male Cetti's and a couple of probable females were dotting about, and four Greylags included a colour ringed bird. Let's face it, given it's early May, it wasn't the greatest morning in the Gwentish fenlands, however...

...somebody baked a cake yesterday, so I came home and ate half of it in order to: a. fulfill my duties as head taster; and b. to take my mind off the fact that I live in a county that can so ineffably attain dullness during such an exciting time of year.

For the aficionados out there, this is a Standen Golden Cake as per the recipe (albeit with the use of duck eggs; the recipe lists a noncommittal "eggs") in 'The National Trust Vegetarian Recipes' by Sarah Eddington. The book, I might point out, was bought at Dunwich Heath after the ever-so-slightly pointless 'Minsmere curlew' twitch of October 2004. On the day, not only did the book deflect any potential twitch-based miffery from the girlfriend, it also stopped me getting a National Trust parking ticket; and, ever since, I have been plied with all manner of tasty comestibles,... definitely deserving of a Gwentbirding Best Buy Award.

Aaah, those were the days, hazy autumnal sunshine, the chorus of "Surely they don't mean that one?" and enough chromatic noise in your digital images to make you laugh your lens-cap off.

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